About Droobi LLC

Droobi LLC was created from a simple idea to integrate technology, healthcare professionals, data analytics and the science of behavior change to help people with diabetes manage their disease more effectively.


Droobi LLC designs bilingual (Arabic & English) digital health therapeutics solutions for prevention and management of chronic diseases prevalent in MENA region. With a focus on conditions that primarily rely on behavioral modifications such as diabetes and obesity.

Our mission

Empowering patients with chronic diseases to change habits, improve health conditions and reduce the risk of complications through digital behaviour change interventions.

Our products

Patient iOS & Android App

  • Tools to monitor health conditions such as Diabetes

  • Track progress towards long term goals and daily targets

  • Learn about healthy food and types of activity

  • Chat with dedicated health coaches and hospital doctor


Droobi LLC is developing the world's first range of bilingual digital therapies using a combination of best-in-class technologies that aim to:

Improving patient-physician communication outside the traditional clinical environment/facilities     

Enhance the level of care that can be provided to the patient through lifestyle training.     

Develop tools that allow patients to better control the treatment of their disease.     

Empowering patients by training them on diabetes management skills.     


Health Professional Portal

  • Chat with patients and monitor progress

  • Adjust goals and targets to meet patient needs

  • Consult with patient medical team

  • Prescribe new medication and blood glucose monitoring