Fit Diabetes into your life 

On 27 February 2020 by Droobi


Being diagnosed with diabetes always comes with a shock, thinking that your life will dramatically change. You will be anxious, worried and sometimes scared, thinking that your health is now threatened by health complications and you have a lot of changes to do in your lifestyle.  


At first, you might reject the diagnosis, consider it temporary, a mistake, or consider yourself fine because you don’t feel any pain. The truth is, diabetes is serious as it affects your health if poorly managed. However, YOU have the full power to change its course and live with it a smooth long healthy life by taking the right steps:  


1. Develop a strong support network arround you by communicating with your family and friends about how they can help you ( listening to your worries, joining you in your health related activities, referring you to specialists...). Also you can join support groups where you feel that you are not alone in this. 

Studies show that people who have a support network are more likely to follow health plans.

2. Shift your mindset from blaming everything around you to accepting the challenge. Try seeing it as an opportunity to organize your life and improve your health. 


Remember, humans are the creators of their own thoughts and moods…It is your choice to decide to feel better and move forward.

3. Understand the disease and its treatment options by asking your doctor, dietitian, diabetes educator or health coach. You can also visit trusted websites such as ADA ( and CDC ( to learn more . Once you have the right knowledge, you will be sure that managing diabetes is done in small steps without drastic changes and leads to a healthy life!


4. Listen to your emotions, express and accept them as they are only natural reactions to the challenges of managing diabetes. Know that avoiding them can make you more stressed and that your healthcare provider can refer you to a professional that can help you deal with these emotions.


When you take the responsibility in your treatment, while continuing to enjoy the things you like, diabetes would not be the problem anymore; reaching this awareness is a constant work process.

Our tip to you: don’t change your life around diabetes, rather fit diabetes in your life with SMART small changes, one at a time, for a healthy and happy life!


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