Will my baby have diabetes if I have gestational diabetes?

On 12 March 2020 by Droobi

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Have you heard of gestational diabetes or ever experienced it? Below are few frequently asked questions regarding gestational diabetes, answered by Droobi diabetes experts.

What is gestational diabetes?

During pregnancy women might develop a symptom of high blood sugar even if they didn’t have diabetes previously. This is called gestational diabetes.

Am I at risk?

Any pregnant woman can have gestational diabetes, but the risk is higher if:

  1. You are overweight or obese

  2. You are 25 years old or older

  3. You have a family history of type 2 diabetes

  4. You previously had gestational diabetes or prediabetes.

  5. You previously delivered a baby weighing more than 4.1 kilograms


Why it happens?

Usually the insulin hormone in your body down regulates your blood sugar levels. In pregnancy, the placenta that supports your baby’s growth produces hormones that block the action of the insulin causing your body to produce more of it to compensate. When your body is not able to produce enough insulin, glucose accumulates in the blood leading to high levels.

Does having gestational diabetes mean my baby will be born sick, harmed or diabetic?

By carefully managing this condition you and your baby can be totally free of complications.

If I had uncontrolled gestational diabetes, what kind of complications would happen to my baby?


When you have high blood glucose during pregnancy the excess sugar in the blood are passed to your baby causing them a high blood sugar in their body.

Excess sugar in the mother’s blood
Excess sugar in the baby’s blood
  1.  This means that the baby will be getting more than their energy needs to grow. The excess energy is stored as fat and the baby will grow too large. During birth, damage to the baby’s shoulders and other injuries might occur because of their large size.

  2. The baby may have very low blood glucose levels at birth because their pancreas is used to make more insulin than normal. Severe episodes of hypoglycemia can cause seizures in the baby.

  3.  Serious breathing problems might occur at birth.

  4. The baby will be at risk of stillbirth (death before or shortly after birth).

  5. The baby will be at a higher risk for obesity and type 2 diabetes later in their life.


What are the effects of gestational diabetes on me as a mother?

  1. Tearing and severe bleeding might happen in your body during the birth of a large baby.

  2. Greater possibility of needing surgical delivery (C-section)

  3. Higher risk of having high blood pressure and preeclampsia which can threaten your life and your baby’s life.

  4. Higher risk of developing gestational diabetes during a future pregnancy

  5. Higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes

  6. Facing psychological distress


What can I do?

Eat healthy
Be active
Track my blood sugar levels
Take your medications as prescribed by the doctor

What are the recommended blood glucose levels for most women with gestational diabetes?

Can I prevent gestational diabetes?


You can decrease your risk of having gestational diabetes by starting pregnancy at a healthy weight and implementing a healthy lifestyle from today! 

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