Staying healthy during the corona outbreak

On 19 March 2020 by Droobi

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COVID-19 is the infectious disease caused by the new discovered coronavirus in China. The symptoms of this disease include fever, difficulty breathing and dry cough... To prevent yourself from catching this infection, wash your hands very well before touching your face, avoid crowded places and avoid physical contact with other people. 

Keep in mind: Some people might be infected but don’t show any symptoms.


Given the circumstances and in order to minimize the risk of getting in contact with other people, you might have chosen to stay at home. Well, this does not automatically mean you have to eat more and move less. It’s a choice you make!


Here is a list of tips to embrace in order to stay healthy while being at home: 

On eating healthy: 

Saving the time in transportation, social gatherings and shopping, you now have the time to cook; you can get lots of recipes ideas for healthy and balanced meals online! 

Remember having regular satisfying meals rich in fibers and protein will make you less inclined to eat high caloric snacks during the day.


To improve your health habits, you can to learn the basics of healthy eating from the comfort of your home by downloading an e-book or Droobi health app!


On physical activity: 

The gym is closed. So what! You can still workout from home. Maintain an active routine by cleaning the house, playing with the kids, tidying your closets…Also plan a daily workout. 

A 30-minute home workout can be divided as such: 

  • 5 minutes stretching 

  • 10 minutes cardio exercises like marching in place, jumping in place…

  • 10 minutes strength exercises using your body weight, the chairs, the floor (plank, push up, sit up, lunges…)

  • 5 minutes stretching

Plan your workout and schedule it! Self-discipline is key!

On wellness and lifestyle: 

Health is more than food and exercise. It is a balanced life of self-care on various interrelated levels. So, use this period to implement the habits of: 

Sleeping better, Stressing less, Bonding with the family (playing board games, having quality time…) and Practicing your favourite hobbies (reading, sewing, drawing, painting…).

Finally, this period can be as beneficial as you chose to make it, and to succeed in creating a healthy balanced life Droobi health experts advise you to track what you do on an hourly basis and set limits to work, tv, social media and other habits.

Need to improve your health habits and use this time as a life-changing period? Download Droobi app, get meal plans, tools to track physical activity, food and blood sugar and start chatting with your very own health coach to implement a realistic plan. ( link)


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