Staying Prepared for Ramadan during pandemic

On 16 April 2020 by Droobi


Few days are left before the holy month of Ramadan knocks our doors! Using those days to properly prepare our bodies, minds and souls for it will not only make the fast easier, but fruitful with the desired results.

How can you prepare yourselves for Ramadan? Keep on reading…

Skip the snacks: Start having three meals per day only without snacking in between. During Ramadan, you can have 2 main meals only, one at Suhoor and one at Iftar, so the transition from 3 meals per day to two will be easier if you train your body to be satisfied from a smaller number of meals.

Have your breakfast earlier: Having an early breakfast from now while keeping the lunch time fixed, will help your body get used to eating at suhoor time and enduring the long hours after breakfast. It will also help you explore which food make you feel full for longer times.

Prepare your menu for the month: Meal-planning can save you a lot of hassle when you are busy adjusting to a new daily routine. Now you have the time and energy to search and ask around for new quick recipes and learn them. Also, you can cook some of your meals or ingredients in advance and freeze them to save more energy later.

Go grocery shopping: As you have planned your menu for the month, you know now what ingredients you need. Write them down, and get them before Ramadan starts as you don’t want to spend precious Ramadan hours shopping.

Declutter your kitchen: It’s a good idea to declutter your kitchen to know what ingredients you still have, get rid of anything expired, open space for the new shopped items and recognize the place of each ingredient which will make the cooking process smoother.

Reduce your caffeine intake: Coffee lovers, to avoid headaches during the first days of the holy month, start reducing your caffeine intake by reducing the number of caffeine rich beverages. You can progressively switch your regular coffees to decaf until you manage to start and navigate your day without the need to have coffee.

Wean off smoking: Smoking withdrawal symptoms range from irritability and anger to restlessness, and difficulty concentrating. To avoid this, you can start reducing smoking during the daytime to mimic what will happen when you fast. As you go well weaning off smoking, it would be effective to use Ramadan as an opportunity to let go of this habit completely.

Make a Ramadan plan                  

Keeping yourself busy is one of the best ways to go easily through fasting hours . Not only does it keep your mind off food but it makes you more productive. You can set goals and plans for the things you would like to achieve in the month. Make sure that your chosen goals are realistic and achievable.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you live with a chronic disease, are pregnant or old, you may have question marks over your ability to fast. It is recommended to consult with your doctor first to know how safe is it for you to fast and if there are any considerations to keep in mind while fasting.

It makes little sense to let the fasting month pass without reaping off the health and spiritual benefits, so get your pencil and paper and start planning!