Happy Healthy Eid

On 21 May 2020 by Droobi


Eid al Fitr is a happy festival for muslims around the world, it marks the end of Ramadan, the holy month of fasting. Culturally, celebrations are usually accompanied by large meals, buffets and many treats.


In today's blog, droobi team of health coaches assure you that yes you can enjoy eid spirit and yes you can enjoy the food and treats while staying healthy. To know how, please keep reading.


1. Celebrate your body by listening to it


After a month of fasting, it is normal to want to celebrate your efforts and reward yourself by indulging into food. Resisting temptation and practicing portion control may be hard to really apply. Yet, overeating can cause you undesirable results like stomachache, bloating, indigestion, and gaining weight if not balanced.


So how about we do not resist the temptation? First step is to practice mindful eating.

  • Whatever you eat, take long breaths between each bite

  • Put aside your phone while eating and turn of the TV to be able to focus on on how the food makes you feel

  • Focus on the taste and texture of the food in your mouth

  • Notice your fullness cue and stop when you feel it

  • Ask yourself why you’re eating, are you truly hungry and able to eat, or you’re just going with the flow.

  • Have more salads and healthy soups to fill your stomach with fibre.

  • You want to try everything? No problem, pour small bites of each food you want to taste, and have only one plate rather many servings.

  • Eid desserts are the best! Don’t have your desert right after your meal... aim for a small portion or consider fruit salad being a very healthy desert!

  • Aim to fill half your plate with foods rich in protein, to feel full and satisfied without overeating carbohydrates.

  • Try to limit your intake of carbonated beverages and juices as they can be very high in sugar!


2. Make this eid a happy one


Maybe eid during this Corona lockdown will not be so joyful because the social gatherings are limited.  Yet a good exercise with the family can correct this.

Since everything is different this year, roll on, and initiate a small or big family walk challenge. Physical activity is not only one of the best ways to reach and maintain physical health, it releases mood brightening hormones and make you feel more energetic.


3. Health is also about social wellbeing


By definition, health is a state of physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease. Eid is a great opportunity to reach out to people you love and open up talks with them. It is energizing to feel the love and it is the fuel to committing to healthy habits. A healthy body indeed needs a healthy mind.


So, let us make this eid the beginning of beautiful new habits that will help us reach and maintain healthy bodies.


Happy eid!