Man’s Health- A starting guide

On 28 May 2020 by Droobi

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Men’s health is at risk for many diseases that could be prevented. The greatest threats to men’s health and life, according to Center for Disease Control and Prevention, are mainly heart disease, cancer, chronic respiratory disease, and stroke.

Yet men can lead a longer healthier life, only by making few lifestyle changes to lower the risk of these diseases. 


Lifestyle is the first stop


All new studies show that lifestyle behavioral change is the first step towards managing or preventing diseases and taking charge of your own health. Rethink you current behavior and make healthier choices:

  • Smoking. If you do smoke or use other tobacco products, consider quitting. Many attempt to quit several times before succeeding. There are numerous ways to make it work for you, you just need to take the decision and ask for help from a health professional.

  • Eating habits. Aim for healthy meal patterns and choices. Aim for smaller portions. Eat at regular times. Choose more vegetables, whole grains, high-fiber foods and lean sources of protein. Limit foods high in saturated/unhealthy fats, sugar and sodium. Homecooked meals are always the best!

  • Weight. Healthy weight plays a huge role when aiming for overall wellness and disease prevention. Getting rid of just few kilograms will have a tangible impact on your overall health, reducing your risk for heart disease and some types of cancer. 

  • Exercise. Adopt an active lifestyle. Physical activity can help you feel better, remain energized, manage your weight, lower your risk of diseases and function better. Give another chance to sports you used to enjoy back in the days, go for a walk on your break, take the stairs often and stretch every 20 minutes. All physical activity benefits your health.

  • Drinks. If you choose to drink caffeine, carbonated drinks, juices, tea… do so only in moderation. The excess sugar and caffeine in these drinks, will impact your health. Make Water your favourite drink, it will keep you hydrated, energised, and refreshed. Try a lemon and mint in your water for a change of flavour.  

  • Stress. Manage your stress and mental health to succeed in changing your lifestyle habits. Stress can affect your overall health, your immune system and your capability to adopt healthier habits. Learn healthy ways to reduce stress, it could be through meditation, music, walks, reading, writing…


Medical check-up


Regular health check-ups help find potential problems before they even start when your likelihood for curing is higher so, do not wait until something is seriously wrong to visit the doctor. Your healthcare team are available and ready to support you in maintaining your health and preventing disease. Follow your healthcare provider’s recommendations, take your medications on time as prescribed and attend follow-up visits.


Understanding health risks is one thing. Taking action to reduce your risks is another. Start by making healthy lifestyle choices. The impact might be greater than you'll ever imagine.