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On 01 October 2020 by Droobi

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We all have a favourite season of the year, could be spring flowers, fall colors, winter cold, summer sun… yet what we don’t always think about is the serious havoc, weather change has on the body, health, and overall wellbeing. 

Seasonal allergies have an established connection to weather changes. Often caused by pollinating plants and depending on the types and levels of pollen based on where you are. 

Our joints are sensitive to temperature, which is why you may sometimes notice that the onset of a storm or frigid climate can cause your joints to go haywire. 

Blood pressure can change due to several different reasons and weather is no exception. Changing weather pressure systems cause your blood pressure to change, which can lead to other conditions.

Weather can also cause headaches or even migraines. Extreme weather changes can cause migraines, while headaches can spike in cold weather due to the constriction of blood vessels in the brain, according to the Mayo Clinic.

According to a study published in the Journal of Psychosomatic Research, sleeping can peak for some people when the air starts to crisp up. Researchers found that participants in the study slept nearly three hours more each day in October than at any other time of the year.

Does your skin get painfully dry in the winter? Mine too. When the air outside is drier, your skin won’t getting the moisture it normally gets from the environment when it's warmer.

Have you ever noticed that you get a little bit sad when there's much less sunlight? That's a real disorder, called Seasonal Affective Disorder. Change in hormones will make you feel less happy in the colder months.

These are just few examples of how the weather can affect people’s health. 

The weather outside affects people much more personally. Knowing how weather can affect you allows you to take control of your health—or at least know why things are happening the way they are.


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Nasser, 52

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I have been living with type 2 diabetes for 5 years now. I used to struggle to maintain my blood sugar levels under control. Droobi has truly changed my life! My blood sugars are at target now, I lost some weight and changed my eating habits. I am so happy with the daily support I receive from my health coach. They are always super-supportive and positive even in my worse days. I really don't know what would I do without my personal coach. Thank you Droobi for helping me live better with diabetes.

Mariam, 31

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On my 3rd pregnancy, I was informed after doing a test that I had gestational diabetes. I was really shocked because I was healthy in my previous pregnancies. When my doctor recommended Droobi, I thought I will give it a try. My health coach was super reactive and very helpful. She supported me in tracking my blood sugars and make the right food choices every single day. The program helped me overcome my fear and have a healthy delivery and baby. I am still using it even after giving birth.

Muhamad, 36

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​I have heard about Droobi online and I decided to give its Prevention Program a try, given that diabetes runs in my family. It’s a very easy program, small steps made me lose weight, exercise more, and reduce the risk of getting chronic disease. Great simple app that offers the support, through reminders, tracking tools, lessons and professional coaches. I’ve been using it over a year and I would recommend it to anyone.


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