Diabetes Educator

On 26 November 2020 by Droobi

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A Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) is a health care professional who specializes in educating and supporting people with diabetes. They promote self-management of diabetes, which will help people living with diabetes or prediabetes to develop individualized goals for better health and wellbeing.

As a member of the diabetes care team, the educator works to develop a management plan that fits your lifestyle, needs, and conditions. They will help you understand how to use devices like glucose meters, insulin pens, pumps and continuous glucose monitoring devices; and use the information from these devices to identify patterns and opportunities for improvement. They work with you to find solutions for the most pressing challenges, whether it is meal plan, exercise routine, stress management, blood sugar testing … 

Diabetes education can help people with all types of diabetes better manage their blood glucose, develop coping skills to address the daily challenges of the disease, reduce the risks for complications, decrease costs by reducing or eliminating the need for medications and emergency room visits, and help find and access cost-savings programs.  

There are 4 critical stages when you must visit a Diabetes Educator:

1.When you are first diagnosed with diabetes.

  • When you are first diagnosed, you may not know where to begin. The educator can give you the information and support to start managing your diabetes.

2.For a regular check-up or when you are not able to reach your health goals.

  • Check on your progress and get help to prevent complications.

3.When you are facing a new challenge.

  • New events or conditions in your life can affect your diabetes. Examples include diagnosis of a new health condition, a change in your mobility, depression, or money problems.

4.When there are changes in your health care or life stages

  • Major life changes can affect your diabetes. Examples of life changes include a change in your living situation, your doctors or insurance plan, or your job.


Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support, provided by the educators, will help you learn how to take the best care of yourself. Ask your doctor for a referral to diabetes educators to help you manage your diabetes.