What not to eat with diabetes

On 17 December 2020 by Droobi

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When you have diabetes, food choices make a big difference in your every-day blood sugar management. Some foods are definitely better than others. Nothing is completely banned yet some items should be occasional treats. It’s easiest to manage your diabetes if you mainly stick to the “best” food options.

Starches: Your body needs carbs, but choose wisely. Choose more often whole grains, sweet potato, Items made with whole grains and no added sugar…

Stay away from the Worst Choices: Processed grains, such as white rice or white flour, Cereals with lots of sugar, White bread, French fries…

Vegetables: Load up! You’ll get fiber and very little fat or salt.  Remember, potatoes and corn count as carbs. Your best choices are: Fresh/frozen veggies, Greens such as kale, spinach, and arugula.
Worst Choices are canned vegetables with lots of added sodium, Veggies cooked with lots of added butter, Pickles…


Fruits: They give you carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Most are naturally low in fat and sodium. But they tend to have more carbs than vegetables. Have more Fresh, plain frozen fruits, and canned fruits without added sugar.
Worst Choices are Canned fruit with heavy sugar syrup, Chewy fruit rolls, Regular jam, Sweetened applesauce, fruit drinks…


Protein: Aim for more Plant-based proteins (beans, nuts…); Fish and seafood; Chicken; Eggs and low-fat dairy. If you eat meat, keep it low in fat. Trim the skin off of poultry.
Worst Choices would be Fried meats, Higher-fat cuts of meat, Regular cheeses, Poultry with skin, Deep-fried fish...


Dairy: Keep it low in fat by avoiding/limiting Whole milk, Regular yogurt, Regular cottage cheese and other full fat dairy products. 


Fats and Oils: They’re tough to resist. But it’s easy to get too much and gain weight, which makes it harder to manage your diabetes. Avoid Anything with trans fat in it. It's bad for your heart. Check the ingredient list for anything that’s “partially hydrogenated,” even if the label says it has 0 grams of trans fat.

Remember nothing is forbidden, but try to aim for healthier choices at least 80% of the time. It is really worth it !


Success Stories

Nasser, 52

Diabetes Program

I have been living with type 2 diabetes for 5 years now. I used to struggle to maintain my blood sugar levels under control. Droobi has truly changed my life! My blood sugars are at target now, I lost some weight and changed my eating habits. I am so happy with the daily support I receive from my health coach. They are always super-supportive and positive even in my worse days. I really don't know what would I do without my personal coach. Thank you Droobi for helping me live better with diabetes.

Mariam, 31

Gestational Diabetes Program

On my 3rd pregnancy, I was informed after doing a test that I had gestational diabetes. I was really shocked because I was healthy in my previous pregnancies. When my doctor recommended Droobi, I thought I will give it a try. My health coach was super reactive and very helpful. She supported me in tracking my blood sugars and make the right food choices every single day. The program helped me overcome my fear and have a healthy delivery and baby. I am still using it even after giving birth.

Muhamad, 36

Prevention program

​I have heard about Droobi online and I decided to give its Prevention Program a try, given that diabetes runs in my family. It’s a very easy program, small steps made me lose weight, exercise more, and reduce the risk of getting chronic disease. Great simple app that offers the support, through reminders, tracking tools, lessons and professional coaches. I’ve been using it over a year and I would recommend it to anyone.


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