Experience of living with someone who has Diabetes.

On 24 December 2020 by Droobi


Diabetes self-management is the most crucial component of care for all those living with diabetes. Addressing the family environment is necessary since this is the context in which the majority of disease management occurs. Family members can actively support and care for patients with diabetes for better management.

You may be wondering, is it necessary to have knowledge while living with people who have diabetes?

Self-management tasks can be hard, as it needs to be done daily if we want to keep diabetes under good control. Yet you do not have to do it alone- your loved ones can help! Since family members are usually involved in the day-to-day activities such as purchasing groceries, cooking meals and planning family schedules… they can aid or hinder necessary lifestyle changes for people with diabetes. 

Things you should keep in mind while living with someone who has diabetes:

  • Do not NAG! Support them without being an added stress for them. If they mess up one day its fine. Help them recover while empowering them! 

  • Encourage healthy eating. Create healthy recipes with everyday ingredients for the entire family. Everyone can enjoy healthy food! 

  • Fall into more active lifestyle with your loved ones. Be each other’s workout or walking buddies for 30 minutes at least every day.

  • Go along with them to their doctor appointments. You can pick up the information they missed.

  • Be positive. Help your loved ones spend meaningful time with family and friends or doing things they like and enjoy.  

  • Make sure they get enough sleep during their stressful times. 

Story of living with a person with diabetes 

“One thing I realized while living with someone having diabetes is that they feel their whole life is just a routine that they must follow always. They feel their food is prepared differently and treated differently which makes them feel overwhelmed. That is when I realized they need the support to break this taboo. One thing I always do for my husband is prepare the meal with healthy ingredients for the entire family and we eat together. This made him feel part of us and brought changes to the family setting.”  Wife of a adiabatic patient 


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