Happy and healthy new year

On 31 December 2020 by Droobi

Diabetes EN.jpg

With all the great things the holidays bring they also cause some extra stress. Many diabetic and other chronic condition people especially can feel some extra stress during this time of year between different events, hosting friends, family and of course, holiday food!

Therefore, it is important to keep blood sugars in check and manage other disease throughout the year and not “get off track” during the holidays.


Tips for happy and healthy new year with loved ones:

  • Do not forget your meal routines: Try to eat meals at a similar time as when you usually would to aid with blood glucose control

  • Healthy plate: Select a smaller sized plate to limit portion sizes at buffet-style gatherings.

  • Select non starchy vegetables: Do not forget to add them as they are excellent source of fiber which means it can keep you full for longer time and low in calories.

  • Too much liquid calories and carbohydrate can be dangerous:  Look for alternatives such as sugar free drinks, herbal teas, infused drinks, lemonade.

  • Incorporate movement: If 30 minutes of walking is too much try taking three 10-minute walks or six 5-minute walks go with your family together to feel less burdened.

  • Lastly, include relaxation and adequate rest: We all need time to rest and recharge. Have adequate sleep is utmost important.


We wish you a happy and healthy new year!!!