Diabetes friendly comfort food for winter season

On 14 Januvary 2021 by Droobi

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The Winter Obstacle

A change in the weather can take a toll on the body for each season, requiring some diet changes to help provide more energy. Eating healthy throughout the winter months can be challenging for many reasons since food is a main pillar of most winter celebrations.

Whether you are worried that you won’t be as active, or that you may have a little too much hot chocolate, we’ve got you covered.

How can one enjoy diabetes friendly winter comfort foods?


  • Make friends with Porridge and Oatmeal: Make your breakfast extra special by adding few walnuts and almonds. It is a healthy slow-release breakfast that will keep you full of energy, fiber and good vibes.

  • Add in Greens- Winter green leafy vegetables such as spinach, cabbage, broccoli etc are very special in their nutrition value. They are also great for skin and hair.

  • Vegetables and Soups – Keep off the fast food in the winter. Replace it by vegetable snacks, different kinds of soups, stews and more. Try new recipes and make a big batch…it will be available in your freezer for those lazy days.

  • Increase the intake of Fish and Eggs – Fish, eggs, cheese, and milk are a great source of nutrients. It will help fight the tiredness and fatigue.

  • A mix of nuts will take care of the cravings – Cashews, almonds, walnuts will be a nice addition to your diet. It will help ignite heat within the body and generate energy.

  • Hot chocolate can be replaced: Switch to herbal teas, explore new flavors, try mixes, add lemon…These drinks will provide the same relaxation and comfort.


There are many many other tips that we can share with you. Yet the first step is to “take the decision”, then to switch to comfort foods that are accessible, easy and healthy.