With Droobi, diabetes control easier than ever

on 16 January 2020 by Droobi


Diabetes is a challenging disease mainly because controlling it requires you to make a number of changes to your daily routine like eating well, exercising, monitoring blood glucose, managing stress, sleeping better and many others. Because we understand the emotional and physical struggles of carrying such a burden, we created a program, called Droobi, where we have combined everything you need to effectively manage your condition.


In fact, Droobi made diabetes control easier than ever. Let’s walk you through the path with Droobi.   


1- You will know what and when to eat


What you eat dramatically affects your health, however, you may fall in the mistake of going on different unsuitable diets where you end up poorly managing your weight. Droobi provides you with an easy-to-follow personalized eating plan, indicating how many portions of each group of food you should have. You can take Instagram-like pictures of your meals and send them to your health coach for feedback on quantity, quality and timing of the meals. And in the chat box, your coach will be happy to answer all your food related questions.


2- You will be more active


  How many reasons to exercise you have? 3, 10, 20? There are 50 reasons to exercise, from helping you feel better to improving your heart health. It is the best medicine for your wellbeing. You might have to re-think your priorities, find your motives and make exercise on the top of the list. In Droobi, we have integrated for you a step counter that tracks your daily steps automatically and sets you with daily goals to keep you motivated. 


3- You will find a balance that suits YOU


 High BGL levels might not have specific symptoms, so people who live with diabetes might be unaware that their high blood glucose levels are damaging their body. Droobi empowers you with an easy to use BGL tracking tool with instant feedback. Also, your professional health coach will be monitoring your daily recordings, to give you the guidance, confidence and skills needed to adjust your routine in the most effective way. 


4- Goodbye stress!


If you are among the people who live with diabetes, you might find it overwhelming to change your health habits, not knowing where and how to start. Droobi offers you a comprehensive diabetes coping guide and the opportunity to consult daily with aprofessional health coach that will meet you with unconditional understanding. You will finally be able to pinpoint the root causes of any problem you face and plan for the most practical solutions that will release you from the stress.


The burden of diabetes might be heavy sometimes… you deserve to be heard and understood and you need to have the right knowledge and support. Droobi program is in fact designed to help people with diabetes live better with their disease, boosting a good quality of life. With Droobi, you’ll have more energy and motivation to take good care of your diabetes, feel better every day and stay healthy for years and years to come.

Still wondering what to do next? Get Droobi today and re-write your story with diabetes.