Portion control and weight loss

On 28 Januvary 2021 by Droobi


Weight loss has become the trendiest topic nowadays. Everyone looks for the easiest and fastest way to lose weight. However, one of the major keys for successful long lasting weight loss is… portion control. Yes, that simple and that easy! You will have to change your eating behaviors to sustain your weight loss. With portion control you can enjoy your favorite foods while watching over the amounts.

Did you know?

Losing just 5% to 10% of your current body weight will reduce your health risks. Therefore, making small changes can make a great difference in your weight loss plan.


Losing weight without all those strict fade diets

We don’t always have the healthiest lifestyle everyday but surely, we can change that fact…Taking the decision, having a set date to start, listing out the changes to do and having someone to support you can lead to a great success. Portion control is not hard, yet you will need to have the basic knowledge of what needs to go on your plate, what nutrients to have more of, and what nutrients to have less off. 

Then you will need to learn how to measure what is on your plate. Be careful…we can easily underestimate how much cereal is in our bowl, or how much cheese we are having. There are different ways to measure other than the scale- we know it is not feasible to always have a scale available every time you eat! Use your hands, measuring cups, previously measured plates/glasses/serving spoons…


Tips for Portion control

  • Pay attention: Anytime your eyes and brain are distracted when food is sitting in front of you, you’re more likely to munch mindlessly and eat more than you need.


  • Keep distance: Keep serving dishes away from the dining table. Having it on the table can easily lead to second servings. They say “out of sight, out of mind”!


  • Downsize your kitchenware: Smaller plates, bowls, and glasses will lead automatically to smaller portions despite the full plate.


  • Order small: If you eat out, instead of large cheese fries, order small fries which will be lower in calories comparatively.


  • Slow down: Put utensils down between bites, chew food more thoroughly, engage in conversation, drink water with meals… these tricks will allow you to take longer to finish your meal, making you more full.


  • Drink more water: Nothing is better for your hydration than water. It flushes out the stuff you absolutely don’t want in your body and improves your skin and hair.

  • Do not eat from the packet directly: For snacks, try to always take a small portion, put it in a plate and put the original package away. This way you will control your portion of it.