Being active while busy- simple and easy exercise

On 11 February 2021 by Droobi


When physically active, your body will use up more energy (calories). This can help with weight management or if you are not looking to lose weight, you may find you need more food to replace the extra energy used. It is also important to keep well hydrated.

Simple ways to stay active

Be prepared:

​Before starting on any workout it is important to prepare your body (warm-up) for 5-10 minutes, be aware of your health condition (e.g. pre-existing injuries, hypertension) and take care not to overexert yourself.


At Home

Here are few simple exercises that one can follow at home (Above Image)

At work

All of us can do simple and easy types of exercises at work, during our breaks, our lunch time…Always remember that any form of movement or exercise is better than none. According to research staying active at least 30 minutes a day can prevent one from different chronical diseases. At work you can do the following:

  • Stand in meeting instead of sitting all the time,

  • Go for a walk every 20 minutes to stretch your muscles,

  • Get up and go separately to drink water, washroom, printing…You will get more steps!

  • Go in person and talk to your colleague instead of sending a message or an email, 

  • Do simple exercises at your desk,

  • Take the stairs,

  • Invite your colleagues to join you for a 15 min walk after your lunch…


When you are busy

  • Start small. Try taking a walk after dinner twice a week, or doing push-ups during commercials while you watch TV. Mix it up. Learn new stretches and warm-up exercises.

  • Recognize small efforts: Remember, any amount of physical activity is better than none.

  • At home while heating the food in the oven you can use do 10 squats or sit ups. 

  • Choose healthy gifts for loves ones: Some ideas include new sneakers or workout clothes, yoga mat, fitness tracker, gift certificate to a gym or fitness class.

  • Climb stairs instead of using elevators. If you’re stuck at your work desk, stretch your legs out in front of you, raise your arms, roll those shoulders and try some trunk rotations.

  • Most importantly, choose an exercise that you really enjoy. Don’t swim if you prefer running, and don’t choose a solitary sport if you prefer the fun and social aspects of a team sport like basketball.


Not all tips will work for everyone, so choose a few things that you know will suit your body and your routine. Therefore, ensure to choose the one you can imply and commit to on daily basis.