the Rising Chronic

Conditions Costs

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Who Are We Helping?


Employers bear about 58% of the total employee's medical costs due to absenteeism and early retirement. In fact, chronic conditions alone affect ~69% of all employees which leads to reduce significantly the productivity at work and increase the complications related to diabetes. With Droobi behavior change programs, you will:

- Increase your employees productivity
- Reduce the absenteeism rate in the workplace due to clinical visits
- Reduce employees turnover & boost their sense of belonging to the company
- Lower financial risk for self-insured employers


Thanks to the new technologies, Droobi Health in re-inventing chronic disease management in the MENA region. We aggregate all the data about the insured, filter the information, and share the insights to help you build a perfectly tailored offer for your customers. With Droobi Health Evidence-based program, you will:

- Save costs at scale for chronic conditions management
- Improve your product offering & step ahead from the competition through innovation
- Use the program as a Marketing tool to retain your clients

أرباب العمل

لأن صحة موظفيك ذات أهمية. يساعدك دروبي هيلث على تقليل التكاليف التي تنفقها على الاحتياجات  الطبية وتمكين موظفيك من زيادة إنتاجيتهم وصحتهم.

  • زيادة إنتاجية موظفك

  • تخفيض معدل التغيب عن العمل بسبب زيارات الطبيب

  • تقليل دوران الموظفين وتعزيز شعورهم بالانتماء للشركة

  • تقليل المخاطر المالية لأصحاب العمل المؤمن عليهم ذاتيا

شركات التأمين الصحي

يساعد دروبي هيلث شركات التأمين الصحي على تخفيض تكاليفها وتوفير من الإنفاق على كل مريض من خلال تحقيق النتائج السريرية على نطاق واسع.

  • تخفيض  التكاليف على نطاق واسع لإدارة الحالات المزمنة

  • تحسين عرض المنتج الخاص بك من خلال حل تنافسي و مبتكر

  • استخدام برنامج دروبي كأداة تسويق للاحتفاظ بعملائك

Why is it important to your enterprise?


More than half of your people

are likely affected.

Chronic Conditions could effect ~69% of all workforce, with many of them managing

more than one condition.

Digital Care Programs for Chronic
Health Conditions

Online Health coaching
Our educators and coaches are empowered with data and insights to provide personalized guidance in real time.
Daily activity tracking
Monitor your daily intake of food to reach your weight goal at no time
Interactive lessons
Tailored content to have a lasting impact on your behavior

Implementation Process

We surround participants with the tools and support they need to build long-term healthy habits


New Assessment

You want better health outcomes for your employees. We live and breathe on delivering health outcomes based on tailored needs. Therefore we work with you on jointly defining measurable health metrics. This way, you have a clear view on the effectiveness of the program. 

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Customisation & Integration

No two businesses are alike so an out-of-the-box solution may not always fit your needs. We understand there are processes that differentiate your company and that adapting the technology to your needs is key to your success. We work together with you to engage and excite your workforce to participate in the program.


Thanks to our cross-channel communication, we enroll and activate members that leverage our best practices across communication channels.

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