How it works

1. Tell us more about you


Download the app from the App Store and register for the programme. Complete a quick survey to create a plan that is customised to your own needs and goals.

Choose your goals

We all want to achieve different things, so select the one that is right for you.

Gain access to Droobi

Time to explore your personalized dashboard and start logging progress.

Get in touch with your health educator

Don’t think we’ve left you alone - meet your health coach who will be supporting you throughout your journey to better health.

2. Get started on your 16-week journey

Our app will keep you engaged with vibrant weekly learning lessons, tips on how to modify your food and exercise habits and lots of advice and support from your health coach.


Learn about your condition

Learn about how to manage your diabetes to prevent future complications.

Stick with your goals

Choose or modify your own goals so that you can achieve realistic results

Get feedback

Receive motivating messages and weekly feedback that will help nudge you in the right direction

Change for life

Gain relevant and useful knowledge about how to live a healthier, well-balanced life


3. Sustain the change


Turn your habits into a routine. Even if you have achieved your goals after the 16 weeks, we’ll help you maintain them for optimal life-long health.


Monthly check-ups

Monthly check-ups with your health coach to help you stay on track.


Keep learning

Stay engaged with weekly articles to continue learning about most up-to-date tools and information for healthy living.


Track your habits

Continue tracking your daily habits to witness your success.

Our products

Patient iOS and Android app

  • Tools to monitor health conditions such as Diabetes

  • Track progress towards long term goals and daily targets

  • Learn about healthy food and types of activity

  • Chat with dedicated health coaches and hospital doctor


Droobi Health is creating the world’s first suite of bilingual digital therapeutics products using a host of best-in-class technologies aimed at:

  • Improving the patient-doctor interface outside of clinical settings,

  • Enhancing the level of care that can be provided to a patient through lifestyle coaching,

  • Creating tools that better allow patients to manage their disease and

  • Empowering patients by training them in the skills of diabetes management.


Health Professional Portal

  • Chat with patients and monitor progress

  • Adjust goals and targets to meet patient needs

  • Consult with patient medical team

  • Prescribe new medication and blood glucose monitoring

Droobi's health coaches

Get real-time advice and support from dedicated health coaches. You will be allocated a certified nutritionist and health educator to help you manage your long-term condition.

Your health coaches are there to:

  • Support you when you are feeling challenged

  • Help you get back on track when you need a boost

  • Answer all of your questions

  • Make you feel supported so you know that you are not alone

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