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4 in 1 Digital Care Program to offer you the support you need from experienced Diabetes Coaches right in the palm of your hands. The Kit has everything you need for a trouble-free diabetes management!


Your coach is just one click away!

Together with your personal Diabetes Coach, you can discover the new strategies that fit your lifestyle to reach your personal health goals. Whether you want to lower your blood sugars, lose weight or simply live healthier, your Droobi Coach can help you to reach ALL your health goals.

One connected Glucometer for a hassle-free monitoring!

Managing diabetes just got easier! You can now automatically log your blood sugar and measure your blood glucose level quickly and simply. The Onetouch Verio Reflect glucometer highlights when you are low, in range or high so it is easier to know when to take action. 

Strips delivered to your doorstep!

Never run out of strips again! With our kit, you will receive 100 test strips free of charge with the bundle. And the best part is that we deliver for free in all Qatar!

The complete solution to manage diabetes

4 in 1 digital care program to manage diabetes with a smart mobile app where you can have all your data at one place. Whether you want to log your blood glucose, chat with your diabetes coach or track your progress. Droobi Health App is just one tap away to offer you the support you deserve.

How does it work?

The diabetes support you need is just one click away! It all starts with few simple steps



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1-month Free Subscription


Managing diabetes has never been easier!

Get 1 month Free Subscription in Droobi Mobile App with every Onetouch Glucometer purchase.


How does it work?

Get a code invitation with every purchase of Onetouch Verio Reflect Glucometer.

All you need to do:


Find the sticker in your Glucometer Box


Scratch and get your personal code


Download Droobi App 


Register to start your 1 month free program


Enter in the invitation code


With Droobi Health Mobile App, you will:

  • Track your blood sugars, food and physical activity, all in one place.

  • Get 24/7 support from your personalized diabetes coach from anywhere at any time.

  • Connect to your meter with real time insights to take informed decisions

  • Enjoy interactive lessons tailored to help you achieve your health goals