How to end Ramadan and transition out?

On 02 April 2022 by Droobi


After a month of restricted eating times, people around the world celebrate with family and lots of indulgent food. It can feel like a big change going from restricted eating times to full food freedom, so we’ve prepared some tips to help you transition out of Ramadan and have an enjoyable Eid that’s balanced with healthy and indulgent food!


1. Celebrate your body by listening to it

 After a month of fasting, it is normal to want to reward yourself by indulging in food. Resisting temptation and practicing portion control may be hard to really apply. Keep your indulgent food at the end of a healthy meal, so that you’ll feel full quicker after eating a single portion. 


2. Eat mindfully 

Mindful eating has been proving its benefits day after day. It means to eat slowly while focusing on the texture, smell, taste and look of every bite. It involves indulging with all your senses to maximize the joy of eating, leading to greater satisfaction from a smaller quantity of food. Always remind yourself of mindful eating by taking a deep breath before each meal and expressing appreciation for your food. 


3. Aim for lighter homemade sweets

With home baked treats, you have more control over what ingredients are being used. You get the flexibility of using healthier alternatives, such as oat flour and applesauce. And don’t leave too many at home, share them with your friends and family to avoid having too much temptation at home!


4. Leave the table once you’re done

Buffets present the opportunity to eat way past your capacity. As soon as you finish eating from a buffet, try leaving the table to avoid overeating. Also, there is no harm in politely refusing second servings. These methods are extremely important to ensure you won’t be tempted to overeat, respecting your body’s fullness cues. 


5. Walk around the block

Your thoughts might lead you to believe that because it is the Eid holiday, it is okay to not move and exercise. But would you skip your medication because it is Eid time? Probably not. We encourage you to regard physical activity as your healing medication and your shield to medical complications.  Regarding managing your blood sugar levels, regular physical activity with healthy eating can do wonders! 



A healthy Eid does not mean restricting yourself from eating any of your favorite indulgent food, it just means enjoying them as part of a balanced healthy lifestyle.