What does a healthy Iftar look like?

On 02 April 2022 by Droobi


Now that you have an understanding of the order you eat your food, let’s take into account how much you should be eating. 


For people with diabetes, pairing your carbohydrates with protein and fiber-rich vegetables will give you energy while keeping your blood sugar levels steady for the rest of the night. For sweets, you should allow yourself to enjoy your favorite cultural dessert, whether that’s katayef, knafeh, but just make sure you’re checking your portion size! 


So how much is too much? 


We have developed a healthy plate to use as a guideline when you break your fast. 


Here’s what it looks like as per guideline Vs. Real example

  • At least half of your plate should be filled with non-starchy vegetables, like green salad and roasted vegetables.  Not only will they fill you up, but stock you up with healthy fiber to promote healthy digestion and help to raise insulin levels at a lower rate after meals.

  • A quarter of your plate should be filled with protein of choice, whether that’s grilled chicken, salmon, lean cuts of beef or lamb. Consider the healthy way of cooking

  • A quarter of your plate can then be filled with your starch or sugar of choice. Try natural starches as they contain complex carbohydrate chains which make you feel full longer and reduce blood sugar level in blood  such as baked potato, rice, quinoa, just to name a few examples. 

  • On one side, you can have a serving of fruit and dairy or light dessert.